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What if your tenant loses their house keys?


What if your tenant loses their house keys?

Tenants who lose their keys can cause headaches for landlords. Firstly, if the keys are lost and they are locked out as a result, how do they gain access? Secondly, where are the mislaid keys? If the tenant has no idea where the keys could be, then they also have no idea who might now have them, which is clearly a security concern.

If a tenant does lose their keys, they should advise you straightaway. Then, you need to arrange for a locksmith to visit the property and change the locks. This is to afford access to the flat or house, as well as to ensure the security of the property.

The tenant should pay for key and lock replacements, as they have a duty to keep the property secure.

Is there anything I can do?

You cannot, unfortunately, eliminate the human error that causes people to lose keys. If you want peace of mind, however, you could make life easier by taking out a key cover insurance policy.

Key protection insurance

Specialist insurance cover can be taken out to cover the cost of replacing locks and keys. Although the tenant may be responsible for lost keys, such cover can provide reassurance – particularly if you do not live near the property or are often out of the area.

Insurance provides an alternative to using a fully managed letting service, who may hold spare keys. Such insurers will usually treat lost keys as an emergency, so such a policy may save you time and stress – especially if you own a home of multiple occupancy (HMO) with multiple keys.

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