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Where are the Wirral’s flood risk areas?


Where are the Wirral’s flood risk areas?

Many Wirral residents, whether landlord or tenant, will recall the flooding that affected the area in December 2013. At this time, the Wirral experienced the region’s worst flood since the early 1990s.

New Brighton in particular was affected, while parts of West Kirby also suffered from the effects of water saturation. There was a considerable impact upon local people, when a number of local residential and commercial properties were flooded.

It would be prudent, therefore, for anyone investing in property on the Wirral to be aware of the region’s recognised flood risk areas. Such areas include land which lies close to the River Mersey or the sea, and therefore the north and east coasts of the Wirral peninsula are highlighted by the Environment Agency as areas of risk – although the government body does not expect any such floods to spread very far inland. As most residential and commercial property is situated some distance away from areas very close to the water, this means that in reality the risk is more minimal than it may at first appear.

Rivers in the Wirral area include the Burkett, Fender and Rivacre, plus the Arrowe and Dibbinsdale Brooks. Areas close to these bodies of water, as well as the sea, are clearly at increased risk of flooding, when high tides or heavy rainfall may cause water to overflow onto formerly dry land.

It would be wise, therefore, to think carefully before investing in a rental property in an area very close to water, or that is designated as at high risk for flooding.

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