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How to challenge your property’s council tax band


How to challenge your property’s council tax band

If you suspect that a property you are liable for the paying the council tax for is incorrectly banded, is there anything you can do? Can you challenge a council tax band? If so, how?

How properties were banded

Council tax bands are based on the property’s value on a set date. This was 1st April 1991 for England, or for Wales 1st April 2003.

The first step

Prior to making a formal challenge, you should get in touch with the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to provide evidence that the banding is incorrect. In some cases they will change the band without a formal challenge.

Supporting evidence

In England and Wales, evidence you can use includes details of properties similar to the one you own or rent.

The addresses must be in the same estate or street when you live in a city or town, or in the same village. You can provide up to five addresses, and the properties must be of a similar age, size, design and type.

If your property, or similar ones, were sold from within two years either side of the banding dates, then you can use the sale price(s) as evidence. In England only, you will need extra proof in the form of a sale contract or solicitor’s letter.

Making a challenge

If you have no luck with the VOA, you can make a formal challenge. You can do this via the website. Firstly, find your property’s council tax band, then select “Do you think this Council Tax band is wrong?” and follow the steps as advised.

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